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electrical gremlin

  1. Electrical Short

    Older Pathfinder Discussion
    My 05' Pathfinder runs great but out of nowhere while driving all electrical (fan motor, all dash lights and gauges) shut down but the engine is still running however there's no acceleration. It lasts for a few seconds and everything comes back on. I have spent over $1000 replacing parts as...
  2. 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE 2wd - Intermittent starting issue - need to roll down the window

    Older Pathfinder Discussion
    Ok, looking for anyone out there that might have this same issue. My PF has 190K miles on it and is in overall good shape - runs strong and pretty much everything works as per designed. However, starting about 2 years ago the car would not start and I randomly rolled down the window and tried...