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  1. 2013 - 2021 Pathfinder Issues/Problems
    I have my PF since 2013 finally the cvt started acting up really bad and the dealer ask 6k for a new one whenever the ac is on the car gets really slow and hard to take off is it worth replacing the tranny? Car is fully paid I'm thinking on park it and wait the the 2022 pathfinder that's coming...
  2. 2013 - 2021 Pathfinder Issues/Problems
    Well, the dreaded CVT failure finally happened to me. I was doing 50 mph with a car traveling closely behind me when my 2014 Pathfinder (with 94,500 miles on it) suddenly lost power and decelerated to less than 20 mph. The car behind me swerved and narrowly missed me and the car behind it almost...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm a new owner of a gently used 2017 fleet vehicle. Realized the other day while looking at the driving history this vehicle was basically parked since 2018! Bought it to tow travel trailers (~3000lbs) and do mountain driving when the Kia Niro PEV would struggle through the snow... I still...
  4. 2013 - 2021 Pathfinder Issues/Problems
    I have a 2014 pathfinder SL AWD. While out of town, I experienced violent shudder at 10-15 km/hr, this happened few more times before going away for no apparent reason. Continuing my trip home, after about 600 km I heard grinding noise, decided to have my car towed home. Nissan dealer's first...
1-4 of 5 Results