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  1. R51 (2005-2012)
    Hello, I am trying to install a BOSS carplay radio to my 2011 Nissan PathFinder. I need help identifying reverse wire to tap into. I was able to locate the light blue wire and tapped into it, but i cannot get the camera working. This is the one i got from CrutchField support. And here is my tap.
  2. R52 Electrical / Electronics / Audio
    Title says it all. I recently changed my front bumper camera and now the image is inverted. I wanted to know if I am able to calibrate it myself or do I have to go to the dealer?
  3. R52 Electrical / Electronics / Audio
    My front parking camera just under the Nissan badge was cracked by a stone. I called Nissan to get the cost and the camera is 800CAD and installation/calibration - I'm looking at 400CAD. I looked on Ebay to get a used one and so my question is if I can just plug in a one without...
  4. R52 Electrical / Electronics / Audio
    Looking for assistance on my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Does anyone have pictures or a guide to remove the front bumper and replace the front facing camera? All help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. R52 Electrical / Electronics / Audio
    Anyone with regrets on their chosen dashcam so far. We decided to go with the Blackvue750s - 2channel system. But instead of messing around with the fuses by getting the Power Magic Pro I felt the Blackvue B112 self contained battery was the better choice. Having the system for about a month...
1-5 of 5 Results