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  1. R52 Heating & Air Conditioning
    My AC & Cooling fan went out, which I was told the fan was bad. I replaced the fan & module to find out my compressor for the AC was also bad, which I also replaced. I still do not have any power reach the fan though to kick it on. I put just a little bit of freon into the AC system (1 small...
  2. R51 (2005-2012)
    Hey folks, I've got a 2008 v8 5.6L with roughly 240k km on it, and ive been having an AC issue I haven't seen anyone else talk about. My AC still has full temp control, but no pressure actually blowing any air, so if I hold my hand right to the vent at highway speeds when ambient air is being...
  3. R52 Heating & Air Conditioning
    I have a 2015 pathfinder SL and the AC/Heat unit is stuck blowing on full blast. I’m unable to change the temperature or the force in which it’s coming out. It has been doing this on and off for a few months and it’s finally happened to where the dealer figured out the problem. They’re saying...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Last year we had an issue with our AC while traveling. We had it fixed but discovered later that another strange issue came up. Given we were traveling and didn't return. The AC will work but after 10-15 mins and the blower fades out. If we turn if off the AC for about10-20 seconds the blower...
1-4 of 4 Results