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  1. R53 Electrical / Electronics / Audio
    I've been looking at the service manual for the 2022 PF and so far, here's what I've found on the factory speakers and wiring. This may vary by model and trim. Sharing in case anyone else is looking for this info to help with upgrading the speakers on the models without BOSE audio system. Maybe...
  2. R53 How-to Forum
    Just in case anyone else is looking to do this... I didn't want to have a power cable for the radar detector hanging down and partially obstructing the entertainment or AC controls. Although hard-wiring a radar detector is not new, sharing wire colors for the rear-view mirror on my 2022...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, glad to be part of the group! I recently bought a 2022 Nissan pathfinder SL premium. I was trying to find a platinum edition but with the shortage it was very difficult. I had some modifications done to put my own touch on my new truck! I installed 22 inch fast wheels and blacked out...
  4. R53 Interior
    My wife is upgrading form a 2019 to a 2022, and we were wondering if we could keep our all-weather OEM mats from the 2019?
  5. R53 Transmission
    The 2022 Pathfinder appears to be based on the Borg-Warner transfer case, which "defaults" to FWD, but which offers several drive modes. The detailed description of the "Snow" mode is described thusly: "Snow Mode Pathfinder can adapt to a wide range of snowy, icy and even wet conditions with a...
  6. R53 Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    Took my 2013 Pathy to get an oil change and while I was in service I figured I'd walk over to sales and test drive the 2022 Pathfinder. It drove well floored it to 5-6000 rpm and it drives more like the Bimmer, loved feeling of Pro-Pilot (although it requires too many buttons to activate) and...
  7. R53 Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    Just got my pathfinder today and I'm excited abt it I have the SV I downgraded from the 2013 platinum I had I took the one with the full package and I love it 1st gear feels slow but one u start driving u definitely can feel the difference from the CVT.
1-7 of 7 Results