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2013 pathfinder

  1. Pathfinder Issues/Problems
    My pathfinder stop responding when I was attempting to change out a window motor. Instead of starting the car, I put in ACC to let window down. The second time I did it the car went into some type of mode. The security light is blinking and I hear a relay clicking. I unplugged the battery and...
  2. Electronics
    I have a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder S and I am in the process of installing an aftermarket cd player and a sub. I heard that some models of the Pathfinder come equipped with an amplifier. Will this be a problem when I start removing the stock cd player and door speakers? Also if you have any tips or...
  3. 2013+ Pathfinder General Discussion Forum
    What upgrades can I do to my pathfinder to make it better at off-roading and towing, and where can I get them? ---Such as--- ~ Lift kit ~ Suspension ~ Air intake systems ~ Towing packages ~ Snorkel ~ Bush grills ~ Mudflaps ~ Wheels ~ Tires