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This is why I don't trust people who do wheel alignments at tyre shops.
My Pathy slightly pulled to the left for many years, as far back as 1999.
Perhaps it was like it when I purchased the vehicle. I noticed the front
tyres getting worn at the edge after a number of bush trekking and had
decided to replace all 4 new tyres and then a wheel alignment done.

I've known the left pulling for many years and when I had the alignment
done I was assured by the manager the alignment has been fixed. But,
when I then took the car for a long drive to check if it was running straight
on Freeway, I noticed that the pulling on the left was still there, but worse.

However, amid the disappointment that I was told it was fixed and running
straight, I'd noticed the steering had a 2 PM angle, causing a bit of difficulty
seeing the speedometer and lower lights from the instruments. And the car
would still have the tendency to veering to the left. So, I returned to the place
and complained that the car still pulled left, but a little more than before the
job was done. And the steering wheel was now angled at 2 PM to the right.

Not happy with the 25 minute service, I had demanded that the alignment be
done properly and with care. I suggestion was given by the manager to take
the person who did the alignment for a test and explain about the problem.
We went back of the Freeway for another test and he noticed the faults,
pulling left, steering angles and so on. Back at the tyre shop, the car went on
the alignment machine and then, after half hour, I went for another test.

This time the steering wheel was perfectly at 12 PM and it no longer pulled left.
The question is, how did they assume that the alignment was done properly
when it wasn't? So, I went back and asked for the spec sheet of the second
alignment to see the difference in the setting compared to the first results.
So, here is my story about these people and their false promises. Trust nobody.


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